Design from inside out:
beautiful interiors for contemporary living

For over 30 years, BKH has stood at the very forefront of Australia’s luxury architecture and interior design scene.

Under the aegis of acclaimed director Iain Halliday, BKH have been responsible for some of Sydney’s most impressive homes, restaurants, retail spaces and apartments. With offices in Sydney and New York, Halliday and his team specialise in forward-thinking, client-specific projects that showcase a powerfully integrated relationship between the interior design and architecture of a space.

For No. 1 Lacey, BKH saw an opportunity to pay homage to the rich social and architectural history of the original building while also creating something distinctively contemporary – an industrial take on a Parisian loft appartement.

Choosing to work with the raw fabric of the warehouse, BKH developed a vision where each residence would reveal and foreground the pre-existing elements of the space – the expansive white-framed windows, the exposed brickwork, the robust timber beams and struts. Working with this heritage aesthetic framework, they were able to produce a series of delicate interventions that transformed the space into something both refreshingly new and reassuringly familiar.