A living monument
to Sydney’s industrial heritage

An enduring legacy of the city’s industrial age, No. 1 Lacey is a Surry Hills architectural icon – one that, in this new development by Cornerstone Property Group, spans a full century of local history.

A striking example of early modern industrial architecture, the building projects a robust physicality. With its aged brick facade rising over the leafy Surry Hills surrounds, it radiates an integrity and durability that speaks to its turn-of-the-century origins.

Built in 1912 as a factory – back when Surry Hills was an old inner-city centre for the rag trade – and extended in 1923 with the addition of an adjoining warehouse, this is a building that embodies the rigour and grandeur of a bygone era.

A patina of age across the brickwork gives the building a distinguished elegance: the well-worn face of a venerable Surry Hills resident, presiding over its younger siblings in this bustling, rejuvenated suburb. The oversized timber windows, capped with distinctive arch designs at the building’s apex, lend the facade a touch of new world romance.

Inside the building, heavy timber beams and sturdy columns speak to its robust industrial heritage. The interior detailing features remnants of the building’s Federation-era roots, its pressed concrete tiles a nostalgic vestige of early 20th century craftsmanship.

From behind this timeless facade springs a new redevelopment that takes in the old Sydney and the new, linking a suburb across a century of growth, decline and change to create a one-of-a-kind warehouse development – one that recalls the style of the past, while channelling a distinctive 21st century design tailored for contemporary living. A local icon rejuvenated; a modern classic, reborn.

Robertson & Marks,
1887 Kippax street elevation of proposed ware house and factory development for Ford Sherrington